Joanna "JoJo" Glass
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Meet Mike: Q&A with our new Co-Captain

“Oh Captain, my Captain!” Our new Executive Director Mike Savatovsky was brought to us in the most poetic fashion: schlepping from a faraway land (Montreal, Quebec), this passionate innovator of dual tongues (Franҫais, bien sur!) answered his calling to bring unparalleled experiences of exploration and self-discovery to the young minds of The House. He also […]

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12 Quirky Chanukiah Displays that will Amaze You

  The internet can be a pretty dark place (does Herschel and the Hanukkah Goblins provide insight on how to defeat internet trolls?). Sure, we’re holding out for December 14th’s Illumin8 to explain exactly how every one of us possesses a unique “light” that can be harnessed to combat darkness. But in the meantime, we […]

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Se7en Reasons Why You Win Because Rosh Hashanah Isn’t New Years’ Doppleganger

  Friends of the tribe, you’ll be relieved to hear these reasons why we think Rosh Hashanah is seven times better than traditional new years.     7. No countdown (well, except for this one). Ten seconds has never felt so long…and so much like pre-school. In reality, it begins a whole minute before midnight, […]

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A Jewish Tour of the Galaxy

For Rabbi Rafi’s 42nd Birthday, we’ve asked him to give a brief lecture on the purpose of birthdays, our Earthly reason for being, and the significance of the number 42 and its correlation to creation. While you’ll have to catch the complete guided tour on Tuesday December 1st at Shaarei Tefillah, we figured we’d give […]

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These are a Few of His Favourite Things

It’s birthday fever! By Divine (non)coincidence, The House has celebrated a few special staff birthdays within mere weeks! (A Happy Belated to Bonnie Oppenheimer whose birthday was on November 17th, and Happy Birthday to Marni Gelkopf, who turns 23 today!) To round it all off, Rabbi Rafi’s 42nd Birthday is just around the corner. While […]

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