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They say you don’t know a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. Well, all of our Switched to the Six: Summer Edition committee members know a thing or two about moving to Toronto…because they’ve done it themselves! They haven’t forgotten just how difficult it was to ease into a new, unfamiliar scene. That’s why they’re donning their “Switched Advisor” hats: to recommend one of their favourite TO hangouts, with practical advice and pointers about how each locale can help newcomers find their bearings.


Read the reviews:

Ryan Riback
Jaclyn Leebosh
Amy Blostein
Marli Lichtman
Allie Novack



Ryan’s Review

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Jaclyn’s Review


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Amy’s Review


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Marli’s Review


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Allie’s Review


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No matter which spot in the city you land, you can’t pass up the chance to meet more newcomers at Switched to the Six: Summer Edition. Making the most of your new beginning has never been easier: grab your tickets now before we’re all maxed out!


Disclaimer: The views represented in this blog post reflect that of the individuals who recommended the content. Experiences and outcomes may vary.