A Spark in the Dark
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Lighting a flame is only important when its dark. There’s no need for a candle to burn bright when it’s light outside!

In “light” of that, Chanukah truly does come at an extremely relevant time. Who would have ever thought that, as we prepare to light candles reminiscent of those we miraculously lit in the Temple over 2000 years ago, today’s international body, UNESCO, would successfully pass a resolution denying our ties to the Mount, and all we know to be true. It’s a connection to our history that has never been questioned before…and yet, in the darkness we face today, it is openly challenged.

However, The Jewish message is always one of light and hope, not of despair. So while being surrounded by darkness might feel overwhelming at times, or too hard to overcome, there is a “bright side” to the story.

To get rid of a lot of darkness, all it takes is one simple flame. As Jews, we believe we are all those flames in waiting, with the potential to illuminate the world around us. We all have a unique presence with the unique chance to affect things for good ̶ be it through acts of kindness, acts of courage, of conviction, or ̶ arguably the most poignant of all ̶ by pursuing deeper meaning and strengthening our identifies. Not only is this the central focus of this year’s Chanukah event, Illumin8, but it’s also a continuous focus for The House — because the stronger each flame burns inside of us, the greater light it can shed to those around us.