Where in the World is Running Rabbi Rafi?
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So we sent a cardboard standee of our favourite Rabbi out into the world.

Why, you ask? Partly because we could — but more specifically, to transform our love of running and physical activity into a workout for more lofty ideals.

Participating in the Yorkville 5K Run is The House’s way of raising awareness for the routine exercise we owe our spiritual sides. For instance, “Torah 101” teaches that it’s rewarding to turn a self-gratifying activity into something which benefits others! And so, true to form, we’re using this race to fine-tune our philanthropic muscles, too!

It’s not just the athletes, either; a whole host of community professionals rushed to show support, and nab a selfie with #runwiththerabbi! The momentum has been unreal.



Run with the Rabbi



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If you’re not into running, then cheer on someone who is! Show support for our House Runners by helping them reach their fundraising goals.


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