JEDx “No Compromises.”
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The House proudly presents the 3rd Annual:

JEDx “No Compromises.”

We live in a Jewish generation that has its challenges. Every Jewish generation has its challenges. But one thing that I’ve always believed our generation needs more of, is a reminder of how resolute we are in the face of challenges, and how we need to inspire the next generation to consider Jewish heroes as those who adopt the challenges our Jewish community and identity faces, head on. The story of our people and the individuals who make a difference to our Jewish life can be summed up as “No Compromises.” This is true on many different levels: from a national point of view, to the story of the individual.

Just recently, Pesach taught us that we are a people whom, no matter how dark the situation, are never completely lost in despair. Mark Twain’s seminal piece “Concerning The Jews” reminds us that throughout the generations we have seen the worst that evil has to throw at us. Yet despite those slings and arrows of most outrageous fortune, we not only survived, but continued to carry on with determination. Our resolve is not only to succeed, but more importantly to continue caring for others and serve as messengers of a Godly mission to raise the moral barometer of the world. Despite the tragedies we faced, we accepted no compromise in striving to achieve our purpose.

As individuals, this theme runs deep, as well. Jews have had every hindrance thrown their way and while some Jews unfortunately have drifted, we must remind ourselves that that, too, is not the Jewish way. Jews throughout history have fought to make a difference: who stood tall, who stayed committed to their values, and put those values to use as the lens in which they viewed their lives – professionally, personally, and ethically.

And now we come to our generation – a Jewish generation that arguably experiences an unprecedented easy life. While previous generations may have known the worst of times, we are blessed to know of the best of times. And once again, there are challenges that surround us: they exist on an existential level for Israel, on a continuity level for world Jewry, and on a personal level for those trying to find a way to balance what is really important in life.

From such an environment comes this year’s theme for JEDx (Jewish Ethics Defined), “No Compromises.” Inspired by the TED talk model, this is unique evening highlights people who have taken their Jewish values and put them into play in ways that can inspire us all. The speakers we have lined up this year – Jonathan Medved, Cheryl Reicen, Lynda Fishman, Michael Katchen – are all people, in their own spheres, who see their Jewish identity and their drive to succeed in this world as being complimentary terms. This is what Jewish people do. It is what we have always done. This is what we need to continue doing in order to build a strong future. For the things that are truly important to our lives, as our Jewish tradition should be, there can simply be “No Compromises.”

Join us and 500 others on Wednesday May 20th, 7-10pm at the St Lawrence Center for the Arts.

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