Architect, co-founder investTO

You can make a lot bigger of a difference than you think. Toronto has a wealth of opportunity for success.

It all starts with a vision.

Noam’s vision transformed a lifeless coworking space into a dynamic spot that was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top ten coworking spaces in the world. 

He also revamped a work culture and brand into a company recognized as one of the top 50 most innovative companies in Canada. 

“You can make a lot bigger of a difference than you think. Toronto has a wealth of opportunity for success.”

Since moving to Toronto from London in 2014, Noam created his own architectural design studio, founded the coworking company Northspace, and now works as creative director at SDI Design, a design studio focusing primarily architectural interiors in the commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. In addition, Noam co-founded investTO, which hosts monthly events for the investing community in Toronto. 

Trained as an architect, Noam has branched out into the ultimate businessman. Using his foundational skills of creative and critical thinking, as well as his ability to see the big picture yet still be attuned to small details, Noam elevates companies and  works tirelessly for their success.

The thrill out of building things from the ground up, from office spaces to companies, is what motivates Noam. Still, at the forefront of his work is a drive to create the best experience for his customers.“We must think about how we impact people’s lives everyday.”

Noam sees Toronto as a city of opportunity when it comes to design. Having worked in London and New York, he believes that there is a lot of room to push boundaries and question the status quo, challenging the  conservative norms for a more dynamic and progressive city. 

1. Opportunity: take it or make it
2. Solo or team player
3. Power or Influence
4. Early or fashionably late
5. Party trick? I can make a sound by blowing through my thumb

Noam Hazan grew up in England and moved to Canada in 2014. He is trained as an architect, and has founded and runs a number of companies. He looks forward to the growth of SDI Design and InvestTO.



Interview by Adina Samuels