Co-founder and CEO of HVR Technologies Inc.

“Freedom of expression is reaching new heights with Nelson Thall’s tech company, Hvr ‘hover.'”


Hvr is reinventing the way the world surfs the web with a new kind of internet experience; one that offers user participation anywhere on the web as a part of surfing. 

 “We thought it would be great if we could post a comment on any site, like a sticky note on the web for anyone to see. That was the fundamental idea that turned into Hvr, the most useful and social way to surf the web.”

When you surf with Hvr you can post your thoughts on any website, picture or paragraph on the entire web, or as they call it “hover the web.” You can choose to make your post public, share them with just a group or save sites and your thoughts by keeping them private to yourself. 

All public posts are visible, hovering the page as well as appear in an organized feed built into the browser keeping discussions about the web in context with the content. 

In the 1940s, Nelson’s grandfather Burnett Thall worked at The Toronto Star and later seized an opportunity to buy part of the company. Nelson and his family have been in the newspaper business ever since. Growing up in the organization, Nelson and his brother Henry have experienced a uniquely challenging time for publishers and have accumulated unique wisdom and experience in business, publishing and advertising as a result. 

As Twitter and Facebook emerged, Nelson understood that traditional web publishers were going to lose value. “The web wasn’t empowering users, publishers and advertisers with the same kind of rich functionality of these newer platforms.” Audiences were once lurking on news websites and gradually they began to receive their news in these newer networks because they are better platforms to consume and converse about content. 

“For web publishers to thrive, the web itself must evolve and play a more symbiotic role.”

Now, with a full-time development team, a US patent protecting their technologies, a recently released chrome extension, and their mobile apps launching this fall, Nelson and his co-founders are spearheading that evolution. 

“I’m passionate about creating the most captivating, useful and social internet platform that anyone has ever used. Hvr empowers users with the freedom to make their mark anywhere and web publishers with a platform to increase time on site and engagement with their audience.” 

Nelson explains how Hvr is a total paradigm shift in the way we share content and express ourselves online. “Today, we copy-paste content into social networks and messaging platforms to have discussions at the expense of context and convenience for users and revenue and engagement for publishers. Hvr is the complete inversion of this process, enabling discussion anywhere and allowing creators to take advantage of the places they own, their websites. Hvr brings a tremendous amount of context back to our online discussions and offers web publishers an internet platform on which they can thrive.” 

With high expectations, Nelson believes in his team and strategy and giving his all to the company. “I am spending my prime years dreaming big and building big!”

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Nelson Thall is a Toronto native; he is a co-founder and the CEO of HVR Technologies Inc. 

 Find him on these platforms:

Website: www.hvr.world
Hvr Instagram: @hvr.world
Personal Instagram: @nelsonbthall 
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/nelson-b-thall-ceo-hvr-technologies-inc