Musician. Creator. Storyteller. 

“It’s your truest self on stage doing your thing.”

Have you ever wondered what the soundtrack of your life would be? Nate Daviau, emerging Americana folk musician, is well on his way to writing his own. 

Playing guitar since he was 11, Nate quickly became consumed by music. “I played all the time, and just wanted to learn everything.”

After writing songs for other musicians, Nate began writing and recording songs of his own. With a record out and another on the way, Nate has become a successful emerging independent artist. 

When writing for others, Nate felt his work was more manufactured to meet a set of requirements. But, the music Nate writes for himself represents him directly. “It tells my story in a way.”

Now Nate stands in the spotlight with a guitar in his hand, performing for others in the hopes of connecting to them. “When you’re playing a show, with people laughing at your jokes and doing honest listening to your music, it makes it all worth it.” 

“It’s your truest self on stage doing your thing, representing yourself the way you want, through music.”

A career in music isn’t just bright lights and big stages. Nate has used his platform to write about his authentic challenges and experiences, in an effort to reach and relate to others. “I am an open nerve ending. In my music, everyone has to feel what I am feeling.”

Nate insists that the key to making music is about forward movement. “You should already be thinking about the next album while you’re making your first. You want every song to be more you than the last.”

When Nate started out, his standard of success was hearing his music being played in a grocery store aisle. “Now I don’t think my music would fit in Loblaws or Pusateri’s, so I have adjusted the definition. It has become about doing what I’m doing now, but better.”

With persistence and devotion to his career, Nate is set on connecting to as many people as possible through his songwriting. “There may be someone, or thousands of someones who are really meant to hear my songs, but they may just not have heard of me. It is my responsibility to bring my music to them.” 

1. Convention or Unorthodoxy?
2. Classical or Jazz?
3. Raptors or Leafs?
4. Night owl or early bird? Both!
5. Party trick? I’m a pretty good guitar player!

Nate Daviau grew up in Forest Hill and is completing his undergraduate degree at Berklee College of Music. He has released his first record, This Round’s on Me and has just finished recording his second.

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