Founder of True Outliers, a Canadian Winter Parka Company. Creator. Entrepreneur.  

 “I know that people won’t like me, and I am prepared for that.”

Keeping warm has never looked better. Moses Mandelbaum has made warmth and style his priorities in the creation of his new luxury line of Mink Fur lined coats, True Outliers.

“In many ways True Outliers is an extension of myself. Growing up I was always different, never feeling like I truly belonged. At some point I came to the realization that I don’t have to belong, I just have to be me.That put me on a path to define who I am for myself, and to begin my own journey according to what is right for me.”

Fast forward a few years and Moses begins working for his father’s clothing company, Gertex, in order to gain an understanding of the fashion industry to eventually start his own high end line. After 5 years learning the ropes at Gertex, Moses is finally ready to start.

The fashion industry is touted as a selfish one because of its self-serving exterior. But, Moses insists that the joy his luxury line will bring to others is anything but egocentric. In addition to being proud that his coats will keep its wearers warm, he is also using True Outliers to give back. 

“One of our hashtags is #humansfirst. What that means is that we have to take care of our fellow human. This year True Outliers is donating 5 cents of each dollar made to an organization called Chai Lifeline. They take care of children who are going through sickness. That’s what it means to be #humansfirst.”

What really sets Moses’ coat line apart is its dedication to keeping its clients warm. Made out of pure cotton and lined with mink fur, every elegant product in the True Outliers collection exudes sophistication and, most importantly, insulation. 

Knowing full well that fur is very out of fashion, Moses embraces the backlash. “I know that people won’t like me, and I am prepared for that.”

But, with a tagline of “humanity first”, Moses is set on doing whatever it takes to keep humans warm. 

The logo for True Outliers, two hands outstretched, symbolizes the Kohen’s hands. The Kohen is arguably the most blessed person in the tribe, and a True Outlier requires no blessings. Only one man in Jewish history was appointed to be a Kohen because of his remarkable ability to stand apart from the crowd. This is part of what is behind True Outliers logo.

“The most important thing you can do is to truly love yourself. Then, you’ll do what you really want to do, and will really be able to help others.”

1. Milk: 2% or skim? No milk.
2. Convention or unorthodoxy?
3. Solo or team player?
4.  Last book you read? The Courage to be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga
5. Useless talent? I can spin a basketball on my finger!

Moses Mandelbaum began a career in real estate, and quickly found that despite his knack for sales, without his heart in the business, it was meaningless to him. After learning the  apparel business from his father he is launching True Outliers, the Mink Fur lined coat company that is designed to keep you warm in even the coldest of temperatures. He stands for what he believes in and never turns down a chance at being proven wrong.

Learn more about True Outliers and Moses:

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Instagram – @trueoutliers@styledbymoses 

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