Bust friendly women’s wear line

My line is a bit of a eureka moment for these women.

Today’s world needs more women supporting women. That is what Miriam Baker advocates for in the fashion industry.

Miriam’s clothing line is for professional women with fuller busts. Each elegant piece of clothing is made of luxurious stretch fabric for maximum comfort.“Everything on the market is made to fit a B cup standard while  the average cup size is a D. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Many women come to Miriam, frustrated that mainstream stores do not carry clothing they want to wear or can fit into. 

“My line is a bit of a eureka moment for these women. They realize the problem isn’t their bodies – it’s just the way clothing has been designed for the past 100 years and nobody has cared enough to change it.”

Miriam explains that the route of the problem is the misconception that women run the fashion industry. “The people financing the industry are men, and since they have never had a reason to care, very little has changed.”

After winning the award for Most Promising New Designer at the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s New Labels competition, Miriam used the prize money to launch her line for busty women. 

The future of women starting their own businesses and leading the fashion industry is promising for the creation of more inclusive design. “Women designers care about other women, and are interested in solving their problems.”

Miriam is an advocate for inclusivity, human rights, and responsible consumption in the fashion industry. “If women’s rights mean anything to you, I would hope that you’re willing to spend more on pieces that are ethically and locally made.” 

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Miriam Baker is third generation Torontonian. She studied Fashion Technique and Design at George Brown, and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design at Ryerson University. After winning the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s New Labels Competition, Miriam was able to start her line of bust friendly women’s wear. Now in her 5th year of designing, manufacturing, retailing, and wholesaling, she looks forward to continued growth. 


Interview by Adina Samuels