Meet Robyn Hutman Eliesen



“We don’t just live in this world for ourselves. Businesses need to exist beyond just making profit.”




In a consumer-driven world, the brands behind the products we use every day have the potential to bring about societal change. These brands not only provide for the masses, but also create projects that have a profound impact on their customers and beyond.


Robyn Hutman Eliesen lives a purpose-driven life, much like the companies she works for.


By day, Robyn is a strategic planner at Ogilvy, one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies. She helps bring to life programs such as Huggies’ No Baby Unhugged and Dove’s Self-Esteem Project.  She uses the brands’ objectives and beliefs to create meaningful projects that make a difference in people’s lives while also driving the business’ bottom line.  


Robyn’s work is about finding the bridge between what will benefit the companies she works for and society at large. “We don’t just live in this world for ourselves. It’s very rewarding to find opportunities with clients who can help drive societal change. Businesses need to exist beyond just making profit.”


By night, Robyn teaches spinning classes to individuals looking for a release from the stress of the day. “It is an opportunity to inspire others to promote a healthy lifestyle, and help people let go of a lot of anxiety and worries.”


“It feels incredible to teach a class. For me, to see people experiencing what I fell in love with and see that I can give them that, it’s rewarding.”


Robyn finds fulfillment in both her career and her spinning classes, which both aim to improve the daily lives of their consumers and create a more sustainable society at large.


Robyn’s career path may not seem to be out of the ordinary, but she sees extraordinary results every day. “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to do something that matters. You can find passion in the everyday status quo and turn it into something more exceptional.”


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Written by: Adina Samuels