Meet Morgan Maxwell Anisman



“I get on stage, jump around with your little sister and your 92-year old grandmother and that’s my Saturday night.”




How do you spread happiness? Morgan Maxwell Anisman finds himself making a living off of doing it in the simplest way possible: being utterly himself.


Morgan works as the Senior DJ and MC for Magen Boys Entertainment, providing services for Jewish events all over Canada. The more his own personality comes out in his work, the better response he gets from his clients.


“I get on stage, jump around with your little sister and your 92-year old grandmother and that’s my Saturday night.”


Interaction with people motivates Morgan to put on a great show. Every party is a new playground for him to meet people and bring joy into their lives.


“When people enjoy themselves, it fuels you. Our commonality isn’t our background or our beliefs, it’s dance and music.”


Morgan has learned that people feed off of positive energy, and that simply dancing and smiling can lead to a contagious spreading of joy. “I love to make other people happy, celebrating people’s special events with them and bringing enjoyment. I can act like a complete idiot and it puts a smile on people’s faces”


Any form of personal expression is encouraged to make people laugh. Morgan is renowned for his wacky fashion sense and unabashedly outgoing nature. “Why do you care what people think of you? I don’t, and that sets me apart. If you’re having a good time, that’s all that matters.”


Magen Boys has taught Morgan interactive techniques for getting everyone on their feet. “I’ve learned that everyone is a part of the show. The entertainer is not the heart of it, it’s about the guests.”


Every smile he sees is a measure of success. His magnetic energy and stage presence draw others to him and he knows he’s managed to add joy to others’ experience.


“We shouldn’t care so much about what others think. If you’re having fun doing what you’re doing that’s all that matters.”


Morgan Maxwell Anisman grew up in Toronto and recently graduated from the Rotman School of Business at The University of Toronto. Throughout his undergraduate degree, he worked at Magen Boys Entertainment and now acts as a Senior DJ and MC for the company, as well as the Summer Tour Director. This coming year, he will be working as Senior DJ on Celebrity Eclipse cruise line for six months. He hopes to become an entertainment lawyer and continue to pursue his passion of helping people have a good time.

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Written by: Adina Samuels