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“That’s when I decided to become a doula- to support other women through pregnancy and birth.”





Leeat Mishan is empowering women to experience the miracle of giving birth their own way.
After having a complicated pregnancy with her third child, Leeat realized the importance of learning how to advocate for herself in the medical system. “That’s when I decided to become a doula- to support other women through pregnancy and birth.”
Doulas support pregnant women throughout pregnancy and specifically during the entire birth and into the postpartum period. Leeat explains that unlike a midwife or doctor, who perform clinical tasks, the role of the doula is to give wholehearted support and attention to the individual needs of the woman.
“When most women hear about birth, they think about pain and suffering, and see it as just a means to an end. Birthing mothers who have doulas feel well supported, taken care of, and educated throughout the process. That is what I aim to do as a doula.”
Leeat informs and educates her clients on what to expect during birth, and discusses comfort measures and tools to use to alleviate pain and fear.
Being a doula is a fully empathetic role. Leeat is prepared to give everything she has to help expectant mothers through their pregnancy.  “You have to be giving of yourself completely to the mother’s needs. There is no room for selfishness.”
“I try to convey to mums that they have the ability to make their birth what they want it to be. Bringing your baby into the world can be a really incredible and empowering experience.”
Leeat believes that there is a major lack of prenatal education in Canada specifically. She urges all pregnant women to use a doula’s services to provide the essential guidance and support during this time in their lives.


Leeat Mishan is a registered doula in Toronto and works to provide educational and emotional support to expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy and birth.


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Written by: Adina Samuels