Meet Edan Negrin



“The cheers, the dancing, the kind words, the support, the shivers and goosebumps… It makes it all worth it.”





It was amongst a raging crowd of people intoxicated by flashing lights and hypnotic beats where Edan Negrin discovered what he wanted to do with his life.


“I witnessed the raw power of being a DJ and the control you have over a crowd, how you can make them feel, and more importantly, how I felt. And while witnessing those sets, I knew in those moments DJing struck me unlike anything else.”


He now DJs most frequently at CODA Toronto, the leading underground venue in the city, and has also played at some of Toronto’s best music venues such as The Hoxton, The Opera House, Vertigo, CUBE and Electric Island Music Festival, as well as internationally in Croatia, Israel and Greece.


“The cheers, the dancing, the kind words, the support, the shivers and goosebumps. The feeling of being in control and seeing the crowd and feeling their emotion and the crowds get bigger and better and remembering your name and appreciating your talent. It makes it all worth it.”


The music business is not an easy one to break into, especially at 21, but the competition motivates Edan to work harder. He relies on the support of friends and family as he works to establish himself as a musician. “Friends and family that push you forward and motivate you to succeed while you’re still a nobody are the ones that will matter when you’re a somebody.”


Being a DJ gives Edan the control of creating memories for other people. “You have the ability to make someone fall in love or feel something even for just one moment.” He doesn’t take the responsibility lightly and works tirelessly at his craft.


Edan hasn’t looked back since making the decision to pursue music professionally and assures that hard work and raw desire can be enough to push you forward. “If you love it and want it bad, you will get there. I know it sounds complicated, but in hindsight it’s quite easy if you really love what you’re doing and you’re confident in yourself.”


Edan Negrin is a 21-year old music producer and melodic-techno/deep-house DJ based in Toronto, Canada. He currently DJs most frequently at CODA Toronto and hopes to continue working on his craft and furthering his music career.


Listen to the recording of Edan’s opening set at CODA’s Unofficial VELD Afterparty on Sunday, August 5th here:


Give Edan’s music a listen here:




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Written by: Adina Samuels