Meet David Rappaport




“Even as a child, I always liked the idea of law, rules and fairness.”







David Rappaport was always a stickler for the rules. From a young age, he expressed an innate understanding of the necessity for justice and fairness in society. “Even as a child, I always liked the idea of law, rules and fairness.”


During his law degree at McGill University, David was compelled to specialize in family law. He wanted to assist people through trying times in their lives.


“I was drawn to having the opportunity to help someone when they’re dealing with a situation that really involves all aspects of their lives.”


David enjoys his work because he is making a difference in the human realm. “I like making connections with people. My favourite part of the job is meeting the clients, especially when I realize that what I do really affects their lives.”


Much of being a lawyer is being a good listener. David explains that, especially in family law, before any legal work can take place, his clients look to him to be a listening ear. “People come to me looking for guidance at their lowest point. Listening to the details and understanding the story and its effects on my clients’ lives becomes essential to the process.”


One of the key things David has learned in his work is the importance of treating everyone with respect. “We speak about ethical treatment a lot. We understand the difficulties that exist for individuals and we want to alleviate some of their burden in our work.”


In practicing family law and civil litigation, David is fulfilling his passion for helping people and bringing about justice to those who seek it. He urges everyone to follow their own passions and interests. “If you’re choosing law, do it for the right reasons- not because you want to make a lot of money, but because you believe in the justice system and want to play a role in bringing it about.”


David Rappaport grew up in Montreal and graduated from McGill’s law school. He is an associate with Laan Litigation, representing clients in family law and civil litigation. David looks forward to expanding his reach and providing legal assistance to those who seek his services.

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Written by: Adina Samuels