Meet Brigit Katz



“I like the idea of finding these hidden stories that people might not otherwise know about.”





In today’s world of immediate news cycles, information overload and fake news, the world relies on people like Brigit to keep the public informed and engaged.


Brigit Katz enjoys being a journalist because of the satisfaction that comes from producing something authentic and true and putting it out into the world.


“I like the idea of finding these hidden stories that people might not otherwise know about, showcasing interesting projects and people and giving them a platform to have a voice and put what they’re doing out into the world.”


Brigit works as a freelance reporter for Smithsonian Magazine, focusing mostly on history and arts and culture. Finding creative people whose work she can expose is fulfilling to her.


“I feel really lucky to be able to tell people stories and to help people learn. The Smithsonian especially publishes really interesting stuff that is very educational. I’m not a teacher but I do feel I get the opportunity to teach things.”


Part of being a journalist is having to wear many different hats. For Brigit, that is a perk of the job. She researches and interviews all sort of different people, all of whom have something unique to share with the world.


Brigit writes articles on topics that resonate with others and provide them with insight. “I try to encourage people to open their minds a little bit.” Brigit remains motivated because of her love of writing and her ability to spread messages with readers all over the world.


She believes in going after what you care about, and leaves all aspiring journalists with some advice: “See where the work takes you, and just keep writing.”


Brigit Katz grew up in Toronto and studied at the University of Toronto, where she worked as the Arts and Culture Editor at The Varsity. She went on to study Journalism at NYU and has worked for various publications since. She currently works as a freelance writer for The Smithsonian. Brigit looks forward to connecting further with Canadian publications and writing more about pop culture.


Read her articles for yourself on her website!

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Written by: Adina Samuels