Meet Ali Horowitz


 “I like to let people know that there are alternatives in healthcare. We’re all individualized, and so should our medicine be.”




The human body is made up of many elements, and when we fall ill, we want to be recognized for more than our symptoms. Ali Horowitz advocates for individuals who are seeking more from their health and wellness care.


After working in the pharmaceutical industry, Ali realized she wanted nothing to do with this side of healthcare. “Patients weren’t people, they were numbers on a flow chart. It was never about how they were feeling. That way of care didn’t resonate for me.”



Ali recognizes that pharmaceuticals have done incredible things for mankind, but the problem is that the process is not patient-centered. Healthcare today is designed to relieve symptoms. But…what about the root cause? What about healing? What about options? “We take pills as blindly as we take water. I was guilty of doing this, but I wanted to know more.”


Once Ali realized her curiosity wouldn’t rest, she began to ask questions and learned about naturopathy. It was a perfect fit. “Naturopathic care is patient-centered care, and it’s all about asking questions.”


Ali explains that a naturopath spends longer with their patient to really get to the root of the problem, and that they look beyond the physical body and see the individual as the sum of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sides. “Medical doctors gather only the pertinent information for them to make a diagnosis in 15 minutes. A naturopathic doctor has one hour with you. We take more time to look at you as a human being in order to better understand every single element of your health.”


A passion of Ali’s is to fill in the gaps in the public’s general education about health and wellness. “I like to let people know that there are alternatives in healthcare. We’re all individualized, and so should our medicine be.


Ali urges everyone to question their health and medical options. “Don’t just assume that one person knows, always get a second opinion. We should all be empowered to ask questions for ourselves.”


As she begins her work as a naturopath, Ali looks forward to empowering people to make informed healthcare decisions by providing information to the public that is accessible and enlightening.


Ali Horowitz grew up in Montreal and moved to Toronto three years ago. She is pursuing a career in the field of naturopathic medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She hopes to further educate the general public on their health options through social media, workshops and events.


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Written by: Adina Samuels