Holistic Nutritionist. Creator of the blog I Hart Nutrition. Influencer. 

“I learned that nutrition wasn’t just the food we put in our mouths, but our relationship to it, too.”

Feeling good has never looked so… instagrammable. Making nutrition and wellness worthy of the perfect post is Jordana Hart’s specialty.

Jordana has been practicing as a Holistic Nutritionist for 8 years in Toronto, Ontario. Jordana’s internet fame started with her blog, I Hart Nutrition, where she provided her readers with healthy recipes and lifestyle tips. Jordana created her blog as a passion product and shortly after created an instagram account as well. Jordana is unique in her approach, and believes that everything is okay in moderation. In Jordana’s private practice she helps women create healthy relationships with food and the body.

Jordana gathered lots of clinical experience while working at a private Eating Disorder clinic for 4 years. It helped shaped Jordana’s philosophy “I learned that nutrition wasn’t just the food we put in our mouths, but our relationship to it, too.”

Jordana still sees Nutrition clients, but spends most of time her running her social media empire on her blog and instagram account.

“My account grew because of its authenticity. I never knew the opportunity existed to be paid on social media. I used to turn down paid opportunities because I thought it was spam!”

A savvy social media guru, Jordana shares crucial tips to the building of a following. “Post consistently and offer value. Be authentic and genuine!” 

Jordana uses her platform to share her vision of wellness with as many people as possible. “As a Nutritionist seeing clients, you cap out at the number of people you can see. I wanted to share my message with more people: that everything is okay in moderation, women don’t need to feel guilty for what they eat, and eating well should taste good and be fun.”

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4. Last book you read? Crushing It by Gary Vaynernchuk
5. Bad habit? Not making my bed

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