Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation and partner with InvestTO

I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a Swiss army knife.

If you think you’ve got a lot on your plate, take a look at Joanna Baron’s weekly schedule.

Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, Kundalini yoga teacher, partner with InvestTO and globetrotter, Joanna proves that you might just be able to do it all. 

“I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a Swiss army knife. I’m happiest when I’m active in a bunch of domains on a daily basis.”

Joanna now works as Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, a legal not-for-profit that specializes in holding the government accountable for violations of constitutional freedoms.

On the day-to-day basis, Joanna, oversees communication and litigation strategy, fundraises, and manages a Calgary-based, predominantly male staff. She does it all remotely from downtown Toronto. “It is very 2019 that you can have a full office and even office culture working remotely.”

Joanna always believed her career would work out, despite the naysayers. “I was told that my standards were too high, that I was too picky. But, there are so many opportunities people are not even aware of. There are so many ways to thrive, have a good career and pursue your interests.”

The baseline ideals that CCF fights for are liberty, government accountability and the rule of law. “Some of our most important cases have the potential to change the lives of every Canadian. We are challenging things in the courts to bring results that improve the everyday climate of liberty for Canadians.”

Working in the legal world isn’t all Joanna does. She also practices yoga daily and leads weekly Kundalini yoga classes and workshops across the city, 

“My lineage of yoga is all about being versatile in lif. My practice helps me focus my energy into its most useful form in any moment.”

Whether it is at work, abroad, or anywhere in between, Joanna is at peace with her journey thus far. “Success is living in accordance with my values, and living my life on my own terms.”

Joanna encourages others not to settle for anything other than the life they want to live. “The uncertainty in life is simply a prerequisite test you have to pass in your early twenties. Just be authentic to who you are, and be patient.”

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Joanna Baron was born and raised in Toronto, and moved back after living in Montreal, London, Jerusalem and Boston. Now Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, Joanna protects legal freedoms daily. She also teaches weekly Kundalini yoga classes in the city, and is a partner with InvestTO, which hosts monthly events for Toronto’s startup and investment communities.


Interview by Adina Samuels