Educator. Founder of Savy Sassy Moms. Personal Stylist at Cabi.

Unlike most teachers, Jenna Greenspoon’s favourite part of the job was interacting with the parents.

While on maternity leave, Jenna started Jenna G Maternity, a blog on all-things parenting. From bedtime routines to healthy snack options, Jenna was well on her way to educating parents further. 

After returning to work from maternity leave with her second child, Jenna found her career in education progressing, however, Jenna had the opportunity to take over Savvy Sassy Moms, an online parenting magazine, where she could communicate effectively to parents worldwide. 

“I fell in love with the writing, and the ability to educate parents more broadly all over North America and beyond.”

Through Savvy Sassy Moms, Jenna partnered with Cabi, a clothing line for women, by women. Now, she works as a personal stylist, helping women shop and feel their best. “I believed in their purpose of bringing women together.”

The passion for parent-first education comes from the role model she herself grew up with. “My own amazing mom educated parents in the medical field, and I was always inspired by her delivery of messages from the top down.”

Jenna’s career is cut out just for her. All she does aligns with her love of educating, parental advice and strengthening community. Finding time for both her children and her work, Jenna is accomplishing her goals. “I feel lucky that I’m in a space now to give me the flexibility and ability to do what I love and be involved in my childrens’ lives.”

With a motto of priorities first, Jenna always knows that she is giving her attention to what she needs to be doing in the moment. “I focus on the really big things first by making lists and working my way down, step by step.”

In the business of her everyday, Jenna remembers that the most important thing is to be authentically herself. “Welcome every challenge with a smile and open yourself up to opportunities.”

1. Milk: 2% or Skim? 
2. Billy Bishop or Pearson?
3. Fame or Fortune? 
4. Last book you read? One Day in December by Josie Silver
5. Party trick? I’m pretty good at pl

Jenna Greenspoon grew up in Toronto and studied Child and Family Relations at Western University. She worked as an early childhood educator, a teacher and an administrator at Bialik and Associated. Now, she runs Savvy Sassy Moms with her business partner Lisa, and is a personal stylist for women through Cabi, a purpose-driven women’s clothing business.

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