C0-Chair of Limmud 2019

Connecting to my Jewish tradition, faith and history brings me a sense of purpose and community.

Living as 21st century Torontonian Jews, we can feel disconnected to Jewish wisdom in everyday life.

Jenn Shuldiner sees Limmud as the solution to bridging that gap. “Limmud has the wow-factor. It is a day dedicated to creating those moments of inspiration.”

Limmud is an annual Jewish festival of Jewish learning and culture. When she first attended the event, Jenn appreciated the diversity, a word sometimes lacking in our Jewish vocabulary, in both the topics presented and the people who participated.

“It was unifying and invigorating, seeing different segments of the Toronto Jewish community come together for a day of Jewish learning. I felt amazing to be Jewish and to be a part of this incredible event.”

With programs in over 90 communities globally, Limmud encourages innovation and evolution in Jewish thought. The all-day event hosts a series of lectures on topics ranging from Jewish meditation, to Bible study and everything in between. 

Limmud’s cross-denominational approach to Jewish learning in one setting is what appeals to Jenn, and so many others.  “We don’t often hear that dialogue, because our communities are very siloed. At Limmud, we step out of our own synagogues, schools, and communities for a chance to connect as a unit of Jewish people.”

Jenn also appreciates the opportunity created for self-reflection, which she incorporates into her own relationship with Judaism. Intent on building Jewish community, Jenn feels it is her responsibility to contribute what she can to the community that has been a part of her life for as long as she remembers.

“Being Jewish is just a part of my soul and my body. Connecting to my Jewish tradition, faith and history brings me a sense of purpose and community. It joins me to the internal story and heritage of the Jewish people and I hope to share its beauty, struggles, and uniqueness”.

Jenn hopes to continue to share her love of community with others and strengthen that sense of togetherness to our everyday experience as Jews. 

1. Fate or luck 
2. Billy Bishop or Pearson
3. Power or Influence
4. Early or fashionably late
5. Last book you read? Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death, and Hard Truths in a Northern City

Born in Montreal, Jenn Shuldiner moved to Toronto to complete her PhD in Public Health Epidemiology. She began as a participant at Limmud Toronto and is now volunteering as the co-chair of Limmud 2019, taking place on November 10th.

You can find out more about Limmud here: Limmud.ca, @LimmudTO

Interview by Adina Samuels