MOVE EAST, Fitness Studio

What started off as a bunch of strangers, turned into a beautiful community of people who enjoy a good sweat.

Hannah Kovacs wants you to sweat the small stuff.

“I like orchestrating big groups of people and bringing them together. What started off as a bunch of strangers turned into a beautiful community of people who enjoy a good sweat.”

After playing competitive soccer for most her life, Hannah wanted to reclaim the feeling of being part of something bigger than just herself. She found herself fulfilling that role as a fitness instructor. 

Her classes soon filled to capacity and grew into what became known as the popular HIIT with Hannah classes in the city. 

“I started small, with just my friends coming to support me. Then, people from all over the city started coming and it grew into something special. We outgrew our original space, which was thrilling. It was just really quite amazing to see everyone become friends, and come back again week after week.” .” 

Hannah left her stable job at a tech company to work as an instructor. “Since then, I have taught thousands of people and hundreds of classes. I’ve never looked back.”

The unifying power of sweating together is what drives Hannah’s work. “Fitness is a unique way for adults to bond with each other in a group setting. My mission is to provide a space where people of all types can come together, sweat and move in a way that feels good for them.”

After Hannah’s classes, her participants leave feeling rejuvenated and connected, both with their own bodies and with other people in the studio. “I use a lot of team-based activities to foster the connection, and it makes me so happy when I see relationships forming in my class.”

Now, Hannah is preparing to open her own boutique fitness studio back in Halifax, her hometown. “The studio will be a reflection of everything I have learned from the industry, as well as the people who supported me from day one. Being able to bring my vision to life is really special.”

Hannah looks forward to growing her community in Halifax, with the goal of creating a supportive and dynamic group fitness  environment, where everyone can strive to be the best versions of themselves.

1. Milk: 2% or skim
2. Night owl by nature or early bird by necessity
3. Respect or Love
4. Party trick? Tequila shots 
5. Last book you read? Plan B by Cheryl 

Hannah Kovacs began working in a tech startup in Toronto, but realized her passion lay elsewhere. She began teaching fitness classes in conjunction with Lululemon, and her wildly popular class transformed into HIIT with Hannah. Now, she is returning to Halifax to open up MOVE EAST, her own fitness studio.


Personal social:@hiitwhannah

Studio: @move.east

Interview by Adina Samuels