Pizza Professional, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Marketing Expert

“Entrepreneurship is not an easy road. There are constant struggles and challenges, but you’ve just got to keep pushing forward to grow.”

The smell of a fresh pizza in the oven means more than just dinner time to Eden Hazan.

To save his family’s 30-year old company, Eden created a line of King David kosher frozen pizzas, which are now being sold all over Canada. 

“I started from nothing, watching Youtube channels to learn how to make frozen pizza, meeting with companies and professionals, all with the goal of achieving the product I envisioned. It was an incredible challenge and a tremendous learning experience.”

Being elbow-deep in pizza dough wasn’t enough for Eden. He found that his favourite part of the business was the marketing aspect. “Not only did I really enjoy it, but people started to notice my work and results”

He started working as a marketing consultant and social media manager on the side,and eventually Eden and his siblings, Emily and Don,  teamed up to create The Social Drop, a social media marketing and creative design agency. “Today, we’re a team of eleven people, working with businesses in a wide variety of sectors, industries and markets.”

When an opportunity from one of his clients at the Social Drop appeared to open his own Pi Co. location, he took it, and became the main operator and manager of the Spadina location, in addition to his two other management positions. 

Now, Eden combines his skills and passions in a job that is perfect for him. With a boundless dedication to quality pizza and a knack for social media and influencer marketing, his expertise is put to good use at Pi Co. Since he joined the team, Pi Co. has grown from one location to fourteen, and that is no coincidence. 

Personal branding is also important to Eden. He has built for himself his “Pizzaboy” brand, running @pizzaboyinthe6ix, with a following of over 28 thousand. Clearly, he’s doing something right. 

Eden is no stranger to hard work. With experience in all parts of his businesses, from making pizza dough to meeting clients and sweeping the floor, Eden gives his all to the benefit of his projects. “Entrepreneurship is not an easy road. There are constant struggles and challenges, but you’ve just got to keep pushing forward to grow.”

Proud of his accomplishments, Eden can sleep through the night knowing he is giving his all to the things he cares about. “I am proud of where I am today and hopeful for the heights I hope to reach in the future.” 

1. Opportunity: Take it or Make it?
2. Fate or Luck?
3. Raptors or Leafs? 
4. Party trick? Taking the perfect picture
5. Useless talent? Throwing a pizza up in the air!

Born in Israel, Eden grew up in Toronto, surrounded by pizza and hard work. Taking on the tradition of his family’s food business, he created a frozen line of King David Pizza products, now sold all over Canada. He is also the president of the Social Drop, and manages a Pi Co. location in downtown Toronto, while running his Instagram account, @pizzaboyinthe6ix. 

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