Partner of Stratus Events Inc., and co-founder of City MOGULS

Once I realized I couldn’t change the world by myself, I worked on creating something to inspire others to help, as well

If you have the guts to create something of your own, celebrate it. That is what Dani Kagan, founder of City MOGULS, is intent on doing.

City MOGULS began when Dani and her business partner Victoria noticed the immense talent and ingenuity within the entrepreneurial community in Canada. Astounded by the achievements of those around them, they created an event that honours and celebrates entrepreneurship in a meaningful way. 

The organization provides a platform for entrepreneurs to celebrate their achievements, connect with each other and, most importantly, give back to their communities. 

Dani has built this brand from the ground up. “I’ve always been a go getter. I was able to find a way to create something that filled a hole in the events, arts and entrepreneurial industry in Toronto and make it into a full fledged business while still giving back to charity.”

Much of Dani’s motivation comes from her drive to give back. “I have always been aware of my privilege, and of others who are less fortunate. I wanted to work on something that inspires others to give back.”

Additionally, Dani believes part of her mission is to help connect people. “If I can introduce people who then go off to do business together, or just begin a new friendship or even fall in love, I feel like part of my mission is being fulfilled. It is super rewarding to know that I helped fuel a passion project or meaningful relationship.”

With a platform for educating, inspiring and bringing awareness to local causes, City MOGULS hopes to empower young professionals to use their innovation for good. 

“All of the work that goes into producing the event is worth it, because we know we are doing things that we are passionate about, and that are aligned with our personal beliefs.”

Focusing on how to have the biggest impact, Dani believes in uniting people in working for a cause together. “Once I realized I couldn’t change the world by myself, I worked on creating something to inspire others to help, as well.”

1. Solo or team player
2. Billy Bishop or Pearson 
3. Power or Influence
4. Party trick? Dance
5. Bad habit? Snoozing the alarm clock more than 4 times… every morning. 

Dani Kagan studied at The University of Toronto. She grew up in Thornhill and currently resides in downtown Toronto. Dani found her passion in producing events, and now works with her business partner Victoria Marshman as partner of Stratus Events Inc., and as the co-founder of City MOGULS.

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