Founder Origin Travels.

I want to make off the beaten path places more accessible for young women who want to explore them.

Inspired by women who are forces of nature, Brittany Kasco set out to become a force in nature. 

“I want to make off the beaten path places more accessible for young women who want to explore them.”

Brittany founded Origin Travels, a travel brand that curates itineraries to the interests and budgets of self identified millenial women. Her line of adventures are all about authenticity, flexibility, and affordability.

With 40 global competitors in the “20-30 somethings” travel retail market,, Brittany’s company is the first to exist that is women-specific.

Brittany’s passion stemmed from the empowerment and confidence she felt exploring a foreign place. “I knew instantly I wanted to help other women feel this way.”

Origin Travels’ itineraries are contracted through local operators, in order to impact local businesses, and, more specifically women-specific enterprises. “I do what I can to keep the money in the pockets of the people we visit, and to create space for women to reap the benefits of the tourism industry.”

With a goal of ensuring all trips being led by female guides by 2021, Brittany is out to level the playing field and give opportunities to women in an industry that is male dominated. 

Starting a business from scratch comes with many obstacles, but Brittany is determined to overcome them, and has successfully launched a number of trips since founding Origin Travels. “I want to exhibit the same sheer woman power I was exposed to in my family.  My grandmother’s story, being a Holocasut survivor, taught me that things could be worse, and to always persevere.”

“Building a business has taught me that it’s a lot like climbing a mountain. You feel tired, and you doubt yourself along the way, but nothing feels better than seeing the views from the top. That’s what I want more women to feel, experience and appreciate.”


1. Solo or team player
2. Tattoo or Piercing 
3. Respect or Love
4. Party trick? The wave with my stomach
5. Bad habit? Multitasking

Brittany Kasco grew up in the GTA with a love of exploring and the outdoors. She has been fortunate to have travelled all over the world, and founded Origin Travels to give the opportunity to other self identified millenial women to seek out experiences of a lifetime. Now providing domestic and international trips, Brittany is excited at the growth of her company and the impact it is having on the lives of women worldwide.


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Interview by Adina Samuels