Co-Founder of Redstone Agency

With my baby beside me, I worked my butt off from zero clients and zero funding to signing our first client and growing from there.

With a mind for business and a heart for helping others, Bailey Roth created her dream job: managing nonprofit organizations.

After graduating, Bailey accepted a position at an event planning organization, without any foresight of where it would take her. 

“I eventually worked my way up to director of the department and, after seven years, realized I could do this on my own.”

While on maternity leave with her first child, Bailey and her business partner Carly launched Redstone Agency, a full-service event management company.

“With my baby beside me, I worked my butt off from zero clients and zero funding to signing our first client and growing from there.”

Bailey explains that nonprofits often unintentionally use money irresponsibly. “Passionate people who don’t know how to run businesses cannot maximize how much good they can do.”

By collaborating with organizations that believe in their work, Bailey brings her business background to fuel the inspiration into action. “My clients’ passion makes them the best people to work for.”

With a mission to make an impact on every client by going the extra mile, basing their work on trust and focusing on the individuals involved, Redstone Agency has grown to become one of the leading association management companies in Canada. 

“We prioritize creating a work culture where people’s happiness is a key performance indicator. When our clients and the team are happy, then I’m happy and the company does well.”

Bailey is a woman who does it all. Being a fulltime businesswoman, wife and mother means a lot of late nights, but it also proves that chasing a professional dream while still being actively involved at home is an option for other women out there. 

Bailey urges other women to embrace the challenge, and find the balance of personal, familial and professional actualization. “For women who are questioning their self-fulfillment as a mother or a working woman, there is room in life for both.”

1. Coffee (and lots of it)or tea
2. Tattoo or Piercing
3. Fame or Fortune 
4. Last book you read? The Alice Network
5. Useless talent? I remember all birthdays

Bailey Roth grew up in Toronto, and graduated from Western University with a degree in Management, specializing in Organizational Human Resources. Along with her business partner Carly, she launched Redstone Agency in 2015, which has grown into one of the top event and association management companies in Canada. 




Interview by Adina Samuels