Real Estate Agent

I see myself as part of the growth in the city that has changed Toronto in the past ten years.

Glamorous homes, expensive suits and fancy cars would be enough to drive almost anyone to do just about anything. 

For Tony, that thing was real estate. “As a child, watching television enticed me to jump into real estate – I had no idea of what it actually entailed.”

But, the reality behind the lavish lifestyle Tony sought didn’t live up to the sparkle of the tv screen. “The high stakes real estate work was not what I thought it would be. Relationships were superficial, and how I looked was often more important than what I could offer.”

Five years ago, Tony converted to Judaism and found meaning in its values, one of which being the pursuit of authenticity over superficiality. This helped Tony stay grounded and humble in his pursuit of a fulfilling and meaningful career. “Judaism helped me appreciate the people as opposed to the dollars. It taught me that it is not always about the money.”

With his work ethic and outgoing personality, Tony knew he could use his skills in the field of real estate to make a difference. Now, he works with families and community-based people to provide them with the living spaces they dream of. “I went from an Audi A4 to a Jeep Wrangler because of the meaning I found in building relationships with the client instead of showing off in front of them.”

Tony’s trajectory has made him feel a part of something bigger. He works directly with people to help them find a lifestyle for themselves. “I see myself as part of the growth in the city that has changed Toronto in the past ten years.”

Success has many interpretations, and Tony has learned that it is not always financial. It comes down to having a supportive community and family for Tony.  He has found wealth not just from money but from his family and personal values. 

“There are wins here and there, those are my successes. The richest man isn’t always the happiest one.”

1. Milk: 2% or skim
2. Coffee or tea
3. Early or fashionably late
4. Bad habit? Being fashionably late.
5. Useless talent? Putting on accents

Tony Carvallo was born and raised in Toronto, and currently works as a real estate agent. He is passionate about helping people and building community, and continues to work towards his personal and professional growth.

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonio-tony-carvallo-7a0600126

Instagram – @tonycarvallohomes

Interview by Adina Samuels