Doctor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, M.A. & PhD. Mental Health Program Lead at Rogers.  

“I want people to live a life that is meaningful, a life in which they thrive in both their career and personal lives.

Looking on the bright side requires determination and hard work. With a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and published research on mindfulness, workplace relationships, and well-being at work, Dr. Alex Chris knows what it takes for people to enrich their work and personal lives. 

“My goal is to enable people to uncover their purpose, to discover their strengths, and to apply their strengths on a day-to-day basis. When we uncover the things that drive us, excite us, and bring us joy and then intentionally engage in these activities, that’s when we feel like we are truly flourishing.”  

But, while completing her degree, the long hours of data analysis and the endless road to completion often left Alex feeling uninspired. 

“My dissertation research focused on negative workplace behaviours, but I always had a passion for positive psychology, which examines what gives our lives meaning and purpose and how we can become more fulfilled.”

After attending a conference on positive psychology, Alex was motivated to kickstart her own flourishing. She was presented with the opportunity to lead a women’s empowerment workshop for Women’s Global Happiness Day. “It was a scary thing for me to do. Although I had facilitated many corporate workshops in the past, this was different, because it required me to be vulnerable so that I could create a safe space for the participants to open up and share. To my astonishment, 20 women came and shared their stories, their strengths, their fears, and their goals. And there was laughter and there were tears.”  

After building the courage to facilitate this workshop, Alex was driven to continue her work in the pursuit of meaning and purpose. 

Alex launched her Instagram account, @phd.positivity,where she features posts that are evidence-based and that demonstrate her passion for applying positive psychology to work and life. “Putting myself out there has led to incredible opportunities I could never have predicted a year ago. People have contacted me to be interviewed and to facilitate corporate workshops… I have made incredible connections I never saw coming.”

Her Instagram account even helped land her a full-time job. Working at Rogers as the Corporate Mental Health Program Lead, Alex is responsible for communicating mental health messages to over 26 thousand employees and for implementing well-being initiatives across the company, from coast to coast.

Now, Alex has reached a point where she is living on purpose and feeling fulfilled. More than ever, she is motivated to help others reach that point, too. 

“I want people to live a life that is meaningful, a life in which they thrive in both their career and personal lives. I really do think we can all get there, if we understand what it is that truly drives us and brings us joy.”

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Alex Chris grew up in Toronto, completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Western University, and her Masters and PhD in Industrial- Organizational Psychology at the University of Guelph. She currently works as the Mental Health Program Lead at Rogers, and is an active volunteer in the Jewish community.