Operating manager at Parallel

The whole feel of the space was meant to create a unique experience of food, colour and art.

When food meets art, an experience is born. 

Along with his brothers, Aharon Ozery created Parallel, a restaurant that is about much more than just food.

“We wanted to do something that would bring all of our talents together.”

With an art exhibition, a production space, vegetable garden onsite and live music, Parallel is a destination. “The whole feel of the space was meant to create a unique experience of food, colour and art.”

This isn’t just your average Mediterranean restaurant. Combining food with aesthetics, Parallel exists in a category of its own. “Food alone is one thing, and art is another. Together, they create something with a lot of strength.”

At the base of their menu is healthy and fresh ingredients, based on tahini, or sesame butter.

“Sesame butter’s properties are a bit like alchemy:  its texture and colour changes depending on what is mixed with it.”

Using the oldest oil seed known to man, Parallel’s mission is to bring the 3000 year-old sesame butter in to North America and make it a staple ingredient.

“We grew up with tahini, and we are promoting its health benefits and versatility by ushering it into the mainstream North American diet.”

Parallel wants to bring people together through the making and sharing of food. Aharon’s vision is one of a better world, and Parallel infuses sustainable practices in all parts of its production.

“The whole atmosphere is very happy and happening. It’s a very lively place.”

Aharon looks forward to the expansion of Parallel in the hopes of connecting more individuals with each other, and with the wonders of sesame butter. 

1. Solo or team player
2. Night owl or early bird
3. Respect or Love
4. Bad habit? My phone 
5. Useless talent? I can put a finger over a finger over a finger into a cube 

Aharon Ozery was born in Toronto, and grew up in Israel. He studied and taught art at Bezalel University in Jerusalem, and later opened a contemporary art gallery in Berlin. He has been back in Toronto for the past three years and, along with his brothers, created Parallel, an artistic culinary experience, and now works as the operating manager.

Interview by Adina Samuels