Founders of RE-LAW, Litigation Practice

“We wanted to find a way to integrate our passion for community work into a litigation firm of our own design.”

Canada’s Jewish community needs young people willing to do what it takes to defend, protect, and represent us. Aaron Rosenberg and David Elmaleh have set out to do just that. 

Both alumni of York University, Aaron and David stood shoulder to shoulder staring down virulent antisemitism as campus leaders, but at times, felt that much-needed legal support was lacking.  

As newly-minted lawyers, they committed themselves to filling this gap and becoming tireless advocates for the Jewish community.

But labouring away on Bay Street left community advocacy on the backburner — while Aaron and David’s devotion to public service never diminished, their focus swayed when confronted with the realities of Bay Street life: “Colleagues routinely admit that they used to be passionate about public service,but they just don’t have the time or energy to serve the community while building a litigation practice. We wanted to find a way to do both, and integrate our passion for community work into a litigation firm of our own design.”

It wasn’t long before they began seeing the fruits of their labour: “Community advocates — our leaders on the frontlines — draw enormous strength from simply knowing they have a resource to turn to. We reach out directly to community groups/leaders and let them know: “we got you”. Just making ourselves available allows them to focus on their advocacy without undue stress.”

Aaron and David stress the importance of sharing their experience with young lawyers passionate about serving the community. “We want them to know that community advocacy and public service doesn’t end at law school, business school, or medical school. There is a way to integrate community work into your practice.”


1. Power or Influence
2. Night owls or early birds
3. Last book you read? D: The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore, A: Originals by Adam Grant 
4. Billy Bishop or Pearson
5. Party Trick? A: I can juggle!

Aaron Rosenberg and David Elmaleh are lifelong advocates with a proven track record of success, committed to harnessing their unique skill sets to achieve results for clients and promote justice for the community. They look forward to assisting and advocating on behalf of the Jewish community and the State of Israel.