Jumans of Toronto


We all have dreams. We’re looking for those who are willing to do what it takes to chase after them.

We’re speaking to local Jewish Torontonians who are fueling their lives with passion and purpose. You’ll get an inside look at the dedication and commitment that comes with caring so deeply in the pursuit of something great.

A 50-part series, Jumans of Toronto is a window into the lives and passion of Jewish young adults making their mark in the world.  

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“I think it is cool that you can create something from nothing by taking drawings and making them move, breathe and talk.”










“I want to be a part of the solution in improving life’s experience for people. Why are we here other than to make things better for others?”





“If you feel you might regret not making a film on a topic, then that’s the project you have to do.”









“We thought- let’s find a way to freelance our talent together. That’s when it started.”







“We don’t just live in this world for ourselves. Businesses need to exist beyond just making profit.”






“Everybody needs yoga. Especially for us Jews because we’re so stressed!”











“You have to accept that there is no right answer and just do what you like to do. What’s the point of living in the first place if we don’t enjoy it?”








“You can only be honest in your storytelling if you’re honest with yourself first.”







“We challenged ourselves to create a young, hip brand that has a Jewish component that just isn’t so overt. We’re a clothing brand for the modern Jew.”








“It can be scary, singing your truth. My lyrics are honest and truthful so that in its purest form someone else can relate to the experience. It isn’t about sugarcoating things. Part of music is its openness.”







“I like to let people know that there are alternatives in healthcare. We’re all individualized, and so should our medicine be.”





“I like being the ‘talent’. I love being hired for ‘Marny!’”









“Even as a child, I always liked the idea of law, rules and fairness.”











“I like the idea of finding these hidden stories that people might not otherwise know about.”





“I’m a poet. It took me a while to be able to say that, to own it. But being a poet is who I am, and always have been.”