Jumans of Toronto

We all have dreams. We’re looking for those who are willing to do what it takes to chase after them.

We’re speaking to local Jewish Torontonians who are fueling their lives with passion and purpose. You’ll get an inside look at the dedication and commitment that comes with caring so deeply in the pursuit of something great.

A 50-part series, Jumans of Toronto is a window into the lives and passion of Jewish young adults making their mark in the world.  

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“I like delving into people’s psyches, taking a micro look into someone’s brain and expanding it. It makes me a better empathizer. I go from acting to looking at the world in a different perspective.”







“You see another side of our city by seeing the humans behind the societal issues. There’s a lot of circumstance leading up to their life situation, and I can see that there are solutions to it.”







“The cheers, the dancing, the kind words, the support, the shivers and goosebumps… It makes it all worth it.”







“The goal of photography is to appreciate with your eyes and capture moments. You want to hold on to a specific second longer than it exists.”








“I want to help people and enlighten them in teaching lessons of the past. Without our history, people don’t get what it means to be Jewish.”











“It’s so important to remember that everyone is on their own journey, and that the only person you should be competing with is yourself.”








“As long as I have a way to express myself creatively, I’m happy.”











“Using social media for good is one of my passions. Realizing I can do that sort of thing for a living has led me to where I am now.”











“I really feel what I’m doing is important and really needed. Every day I see the gratification and the change I can make in someone’s day.”











“Others help you realize what you couldn’t do alone, and help you unlock your potential. People have the power to help you self-actualize.”










“Art holds a mirror up to life. It puts everything into context, so you really have to know what is happening in the world around you in order to reflect it in your practice.”






“Follow your passion. That’s the philosophy I live by. Make the most of the one life you have.”










“Even if I can’t take all the pain away I hope I can at least provide some relief. I hope my patients will know that I care, and that I do my best to make them better.”






“I think school really shapes everything. I try to create a community where kids are driven by what they’re interested in, which will inspire kids into their future careers to be exactly who they want to be.”









“I hope the book challenges people. I want countries who mistreat LGBTQ communities to confront their prejudice.”