About JEDx

Jewish Ethics Definedx

Modeled after the popular TED talks, JEDx – short for “Jewish Ethics Defined” – is The House’s largest annual event, initiated in 2013. It provides a platform for Jewish young adults to hear from, and interact with, successful Jewish innovators about the importance of extending Jewish values into all spheres of personal and professional life.


Stimulating Thought, Inspiring Ideas.

Each year, some of the biggest and brightest Jewish personalities around converge on the JEDx stage to share inspirational experiences and insights, based on a common theme. Their talks explore how Jewish ideas and wisdom have shaped their successes, and helped them tackle significant life decisions. They make connections between Jewish thought and popular modern perspectives that they have encountered along the way.

By offering audiences the rare opportunity to mingle with our speakers pre- and post-talk, JEDx prompts our next-gen industry movers and shakers to keep learning from those who are effectively transforming the “here” and “now.”


Why Do It? Why Inspire?

The answer is, why not? Isn’t it the “Jewish way” to answer a question with another question?

JEDx is exactly that: it provides a stimulating and exciting forum to ask questions, seek guidance, and discover fresh outlooks on familiar concepts.

JEDx is the brainchild of young professionals who wanted to engage their peers in thinking about what it actually means to “achieve.” It is the catalyst that sparks ideas and meaningful conversation, getting this generation revved and ready to take on the road ahead.

In today’s age of science and technology, one often assumes that being a “forward thinker” means breaking away from the past. JEDx uniquely fuses past, present and future – demonstrating that Jewish values actually transcend time, where the teachings of our past help lay the groundwork today, to bring about positive change for the future.