JEDx 2016, CJN: “JEDx Speakers Share Personal Inspirational Stories”
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JEDx 2016_in the CJN_crop2_June 10, 2016

The fourth annual JEDx began with a giant cocktail party as 770 people – mostly young professionals in their early 30s or younger – mingled and fressed in the lobby of the St Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto.

Beer, wine and conversation flowed as people munched on elegantly presented hors d’oeuvres like Vietnamese spring rolls and seared sesame tuna.

But JEDx, the gala held May 31 by The House, was much more than an upscale schmooze fest that raised $192,000.

JEDx, which stands for Jewish Ethics Defined, is modeled after TED talks. It is rooted in Jewish ideas designed to inspire participants of The House, an organization that provides innovative programming for Jewish young adults.

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