The House’s “Relationships Greatest Hits” List
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It takes a while for couples to get a rhythm they’re comfortable with — especially one that’ll make them want to loop those feel-good high notes on replay for years to come.

So we asked couples in serious, long-term relationships to tell us what this “relationship soundtrack” might look like; what helps them keep the beat going strong for so long.

The responses you gave us were music to our ears, making this a truly diverse mixed list of fun laughs and heartfelt sentiments.

Clearly, together we can do anything! …Maybe even a record label?


The House presents to you (with love)…


Our First-Ever

“Relationship’s Greatest Hits” Mixed Tape Soundtrack


1. “You get free therapy! He is always there for me and always willing to listen.”

— Jennifer & Jonathan


2. “There’s always someone to keep you in check when you really need it. You live with your best friend.”

— Rafi & Samantha


3. “Not having to watch Stranger Things alone!!”

— Allie & Snir


4. “Farting together is natural and always funny, even when it’s gross.”

— Danya & Jonah


5. “It sounds negative but hating the same things. Walking out of a movie and ripping on it for a solid hour is so much fun.”

— Kit & Lee


6. “There is no way I could take care of our 8 awesome kids on my own without my wife.”

— Rabbi Rafi & Shira


7. “Dancing in the living room to Old MacDonald after a long day at work.”

— Eytan & Dafna


8. “Trying to make each other laugh in the middle of the most heated debates.”

— Bonnie & Albert


9. “Being able to wake up in the middle of the night knowing your loved one is right next to you.”

— Faith & Adam


10. “Having someone to come home to. <3”

— Alisa & Jonathan



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