About Gamechangers

The program provides an opportunity for young professionals to learn from esteemed leaders about their careers and personal development, and the characteristics which have made them “Gamechangers” in their respective fields and in our Jewish community. This series will include personal growth insights and lessons from The House’s own Rabbi Rafi Lipner.

Learn. Engage. Act.

Our Gamechanger hosts exemplify the reality that what makes someone into a Gamechanger is not only what they do, but more importantly how they do it. They will speak about their development into Jewish community Gamechangers and focus on the characteristics that are integral to being great leaders. Through this series you will: Learn from our Gamechangers and Rabbi Lipner, Engage with like-minded and established young influencers, and Act by leveraging what you have learned into becoming a Jewish Community Gamechanger yourself.


Your 2019 Co-Chairs are:
Kym Diamond Teperman & Kyle Lichtman


 Meet them here!


 Your 2019 hosts are:


Bruce Leboff


Barry Cracower


Senator Linda Frum


Meet them here!