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Since the spring of 2020, The House has been offering our young adult community multiple weekly opportunities to stay connected, make friends, network, learn and laugh together across all virtual platforms.

Before that, our team thrived on creating amazing in-person events! Scroll our Events Archive to view some of these past in-person programs. We hope to be back face-to-face with our community ASAP!

See something you like and want us to offer it again…just let us know!! Everything old can be new again. If it could happen with Bell Bottoms – it could happen with anything!

Cross – Generational Pesach

10th anniversary campaign event Pesach: Remembering our Future! A Cross-Generational Evening of Inspiration Please join us for a unique evening where young adults, parents and grandparents alike come together to enjoy fine wines and delicious food followed by inspiring and relevant insights from Rabbi Rafi Lipner for everyone to share around their Seder tables. Couvert […]

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Pay-It-Forward Purim

A Day When Everyone Gains by Giving The House’s “Lend-A-Hand” series is back with another opportunity to reach out to your community in a relevant and meaningful way. One of the biggest celebrations of miracles and spiritual growth, Purim is a day of sharing and spreading joy. And the greatest thing about happiness? It can […]

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Purim: Taking OFF your Mask

As part of our growing holiday learning events, we are excited to add a new holiday to the list and introduce our first annual Purim Learning event! Join us in Yorkville for an evening of delicious food, great people, and empowering ideas shared by Rabbi Rafi Lipner on Purim and how it is actually the […]

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Challah for Chesed

Make it. Love it. Eat it. Give it. Welcome to Challah for Chesed! Are you ready for the best tasting Challah in the city? …Possibly country?! Join us at The House as we learn about the deep significance of challah while also learning the practical skill of how to braid and make challah dough from […]

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Generations Together

Bridging the Generation Gap, One Young Adult at a Time. As Jews, we are constantly reminded and encouraged to honour our heritage, and remember our roots.  What better way than to spend quality time with our seniors, to show them respect and make them smile? Inspired by the concept of “Tikkun Olam” – an ongoing […]

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Challahpalooza Challahpalooza 2015!

  A Little Bit of Dough Goes a Long Way Challah is that magical, fabulous bread that tastes just as warm and fluffy as the memories it engenders.  Let’s share some challah with the people who need it most! Get down and doughey at The House’s widely successful annual Challah bake, our third year running!  […]

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Lend-a-Hand, “Just Desserts” Edition

  Because sweetness doesn’t just come from sugar When you’re cold, you have hot chocolate. When you get a shot at the doctor’s, you get a lolly. When you’re dumped… well, you hug a tub of ice cream. Yes, there’s certainly a lot to be said for the healing properties of dessert, and how it […]

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Think Twice Presents Summerfest BBQ Picnic Event

Think Twice Presents a Special Summerfest BBQ Picnic event On Tuesday June 24th join us at Rabbi Rafi’s home for an awesome evening with a delicious BBQ dinner, insightful discussion and like-minded people, and a celebration of the gorgeous summer weather. Discussion topic: “Keeping your Jewish spark alive” and sharing stories of personal experiences of […]

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