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Since the spring of 2020, The House has been offering our young adult community multiple weekly opportunities to stay connected, make friends, network, learn and laugh together across all virtual platforms.

Before that, our team thrived on creating amazing in-person events! Scroll our Events Archive to view some of these past in-person programs. We hope to be back face-to-face with our community ASAP!

See something you like and want us to offer it again…just let us know!! Everything old can be new again. If it could happen with Bell Bottoms – it could happen with anything!

Men of the House

It’s Time to Suit Up Style? You live it. No point in telling you how much time, thought and money goes into dressing suave… But have you considered the real cost of looking good? If skin’s already a layer that reflects what you’re made of (“skin” and “light” come from the same Hebrew root word), […]

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#Gamechangers: Balance

Life moves fast.  REALLY fast.  And our greatest achievement is seen as being able to juggle all of the balls that we have in the air without dropping one. We rarely have a second to take a step back and figure out how to achieve balance.  We’re often conflicted, or stretched between our Jewish and […]

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Think Outside the Sox Striped. Checkered. Sparkly. Speckled with yellow polka-dots. To people like us, socks are merely a subtle fashion statement, a final trimming for the toes. But to others… they’re a precious necessity. Warmth is a currency for the homeless on the streets of Toronto, and it doesn’t come cheap: In 2013, The […]

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Soul Food

You’ve grown up. Your food should too. So this is gonna sizzle your grill: transform yourself into sous-chef for one of the most flavourful culinary names around, Daniella Silver, whose renowned Silver Platter Cookbook is raising the heat! The significance of what’s on our Jewish plate simmers with history, meaning and soulful nutrients.  No shocker, […]

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The Rockets

Welcome to our House The latest in The House’s new Soul Series. Put pedal to the metal in one of our most driven speaker programs to date: a crash course on empowerment and Hineinei  ̶  or, owning the present, the “now.” Dana Rocket was born in the fast lane:  Energy’s in her blood, in her […]

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Bang Your Heart Out Sin is not always black and white. Confessions are more than a string of words. We can’t always mend what’s been torn with band aids. These wars that we wage within ourselves are complex, and many times we feel at a loss in knowing how to overcome them. Confessions will strip […]

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#Gamechangers: Your Next “Chapter”

New Year, New Fresh Chapter He shared the stage with Leonard Cohen. He hosted President Clinton not once but twice. He closed down one of the busiest intersections in Canada to host a party for 10,000 people. Jeremy Cammy is Canada’s impresario. As Vice President & Executive Producer for Indigo there’s virtually no one he […]

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Lend a Hand: Fun Afternoon with DANI

Developing and Nurturing Independence DANI is a well-known Toronto organization that provides a center for young developmentally-delayed adults, ages 16-30, to participate in various events that help them maximize their potential. Sundays at DANI is “afternoon activies,” and The House will be on hand to play games, lead a music workshop and arts and crafts […]

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JEDx Breakaway #1: Lynda Fishman

  In keeping with the form and flavour of our popular annual program, each JEDx Breakaway Event highlights one new or returning speaker in a cozier setting to stimulate thought and action about engaging topics. LYNDA FISHMAN, Author of Repairing Rainbows Lynda’s story is a moving testament to the strength we find within ourselves in […]

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Launch @ the Sharps

We’re elevating the vibe of The House to a whole new level. At The House, we’re firm believers that you get what you give. Once upon a time you passed through our doors offering warmth and friendship, and were met with like-minded people who became mainstays of happiness throughout your journey.  Together, you raised each […]

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