The Toast: A L’Chaim from Son to Father

When you were a boy, you played catch with your dad in the backyard. As a teenager, you argued with him … maybe a lot. As a young adult, you spend time talking with him on the golf course. The father-son bond is one of a kind, one that becomes more valuable with each passing day. Whether it is that bond that has grown over time which you cherish today, or a new bond you share now that you have children of your own, let’s raise a glass as sons to simply say “Thanks Dad!”

The House has always stressed the importance of passing down timeless Jewish values from one generation to the next. As we look back, we can now appreciate all of the lessons, Jewish values, and one liners from our fathers that continue to serve as our moral compass moving forward. So, now it’s time for us to appreciate the messengers.

Join us for a casual evening as we get together over fine spirits, delicious food, a few laughs and some powerful insights with Rabbi Rafi about the transmission of Jewish values from one generation to the next.

All funds raised will support House programming aimed at instilling Jewish values in the next generation of young parents, so that they can raise the next generation of upstanding and outstanding kids! Click HERE for sponsorship opportunities. 

DATE: Monday, July 8th, 2019
TIME: 7:30pm
HOST: The Koschitzky Residence 
COST:$360 – Son & Father Duo
$100 – Each Additional son/son in law
Sponsorships available. 
LED BY: Rabbi Rafi Lipner
FOOD: Drinks, Hors d’oeurves & Desserts
DRESS: Business Casual
COMMITTEE: Jeff Gottesman (House board member), Lee Grossman, Josh Guttman, David Isaacman, Zev Mandelbaum, Robert Reichmann, Josh Zagdanski