Men of the House

It’s Time to Suit Up

Style? You live it. No point in telling you how much time, thought and money goes into dressing suave… But have you considered the real cost of looking good?

If skin’s already a layer that reflects what you’re made of (“skin” and “light” come from the same Hebrew root word), then what does it mean when we pile on the layers? How we interact with our wardrobe can be a blessing or a curse: we can use it as a sign of respect, for others, for ourselves ─ or we can choose to let it wear us. Plain and simple.

Man of the House drags your threads out of the closet into new light; it’ll make you choose whether the clothes make the man, or the man makes the clothes.

At this “Gentlemen’s Hour,” you’ll network with other young professionals, indulge in beer and a spread of appetizers, and pour over racks of fabrics, buttons and custom styles to choose from. That’s right, CHOOSE FROM!

Indochino and their world-class tailors are offering exclusive pricing:

— the Essential suit, for $399 (retail $499)
— the Premium suit, for $499 (retail $799)

You’ve got the panache thing down. It’s time to suit up.



EVENT TYPE: Talk and Shop

DATE: Thursday January 21st, 2016

TIME: 6:30pm

LOCATION: Indochino Custom Menswear, 143 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5C 1G6

KEYNOTE: Rabbi Rafi Lipner


Contact Bonnie Oppenheimer for more information.

Bonnie Oppenheimer
Director of Experiential Jewish Education and Engagement
(416) 482 – 9025 x3