#Gamechangers: Balance

Life moves fast.  REALLY fast.  And our greatest achievement is seen as being able to juggle all of the balls that we have in the air without dropping one.

We rarely have a second to take a step back and figure out how to achieve balance.  We’re often conflicted, or stretched between our Jewish and professional lives, while trying to remain focused on family or our responsibility to the community.  The promise of a harmonious life sometimes feels too far to grasp: Is it possible? Does such a thing even exist?

Rabbi Rafi’s convinced that you can keep the ball rolling once you see that life’s not so much the unforgiving tightrope you might expect.


The strength and fight Aharon Karov possesses is unimaginable: merely 24 hours after his own wedding, Second Lt. Aharon Karov of the IDF responded to the call of duty, and bravely led soldiers through a risky military operation in the northern Gaza strip in response to ongoing rocket fire from Hamas.

Later, when infiltrating known terrorist sites in January 2009, a powerful explosive detonated and left Aharon critically wounded, rendering him the most severely wounded soldier of the operation. In addition to requiring immediate life-saving procedures on the battlefield and in the air, he underwent a series of intensive surgeries to remove a portion of his skull and 300 to 500 metal fragments embedded in his body.

Determination, character and excellent care from Israeli physicians led to a miraculous recovery, allowing Aharon to be released from the hospital and begin rehabilitation in a mere three weeks. After regaining the ability to speak, his first words were to his wife to tell her, “I love you,” and only two months after the incident, he adamantly stood over two hours at a military ceremony to decorate the comrades in his unit.

Now, when he’s not spending time with his wife and two children, Lieutenant Karov likes to share his unbelievable story with as many people as he can. He is a bright light and a beacon of hope for his nation, his people: as an exemplary image of strength, and a promise for a peaceful future.



DATE: Monday, November 23rd, 2015

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