Full Spectrum

Repairing the world (Tikkun Olam) is an important Jewish value, but does it begin at home or abroad?  What does caring for “your community” mean to a Jewish person in a multicultural society? Ask two Jews, get three answers – But what’s YOUR answer? What do you believe?

Full Spectrum is a hands-on night of interactive exploration of the views of philosophers and activists past and present, including ourselves and each other. We are excited to partner with Mazon Canada for this interactive program. 

If you ever feel Jew -ish, then this program is for you! 

TYPE: Guided Discussion & Networking
DATE: October 18th 2018
TIME: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
COST: $10
LOCATION: 25 Broadway Ave, Toronto, ON M4P 1T7
FOOD: Light Dinner will be served
PARKING: Parking Lot & Street Parking
LED BY: Izzy Waxman (Mazon Canada)