Everyone Deserves Dessert

Now they can have dessert, and eat it, too.

If finer delicacies uplift the spirit, then they should be shared with everyone – especially when their lasting effects mean a sweeter lease on life.

On February 1st, The House is partnering with Out of the Cold, a volunteer program that provides overnight accommodation, a warm meal and on-site health care to Toronto’s homeless. House volunteers will act as the garnish of the evening, by serving participants hand-decorated desserts made with thought and care at Soul Food II.  The night will be filled with live music accompaniment, and volunteers will engage the homeless in conversation and song, distribute self-care packages, and make them feel special.

Social Action Educator Coby Segall will demonstrate first-hand that, while it is obvious and necessary for people’s basic needs to be met with food, shelter and safety, it is a mitzvah to show further compassion with kind acts which help raise their self-esteem. This form of care is long-lasting, because viewing someone with elevated self-worth empowers them to adopt that view, too.

A gift isn’t necessary; it’s an added frill that’s given out of love, with positive effects that extend to everyone. Monday night’s dessert might be the sweetest gift of all: by encouraging the needy to view themselves – and our volunteers to view others – in a positive way, everyone is left with a delightful aftertaste that can change lives.


EVENT TYPE: Social Action

DATE: Monday February 1st, 2016

TIME: 5:30pm

EDUCATOR: Coby Segall

LOCATION: Beth Emeth


COMMITTEE: Victoria Shore, Maddie Axelrod, Roi Hershkovitz, Carly Goldberg, Lisa Rosenberg

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