Cross – Generational Pesach

10th anniversary campaign event

Pesach: Remembering our Future!

A Cross-Generational Evening of Inspiration

Please join us for a unique evening where young adults, parents and grandparents alike come together to enjoy fine wines and delicious food followed by inspiring and relevant insights from Rabbi Rafi Lipner for everyone to share around their Seder tables.

Couvert – $36


Rikki & Jared Goldlust, Carole & Martin Kushner, Naomi & David Mansell

Dov Begun & Bonnie Langer, Ari & Stephanie Greenwald, Saul & Ruby Judelman, Joshua & Daniella Kuhl, Elliot Medoff & Lauren Bondar, Rob Melamed & Melanie Kushner, Lorne & Diane Sidenberg, Jeffrey & Daniella Silver, Ian & Dahlia Solomon

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