Campaign Video

So what do you think of our “Not Your Typical Campaign” video?

The basis for the video is The House’s 10 years of success in inspiring 1000’s of young adults to reverse the trend of disenfranchisement from their traditions and religion and allowing them to start seeing Judaism as something relevant and meaningful to their everyday lives and the choices they make!

To keep doing what we are doing (and we are doing some amazing stuff…just click around our website), we need your support. If you liked our video, see the value in what we do, or want to help partner in transforming our Jewish future – just click on the PAYPAL icon to the left, and show us you care!

Any amount is welcome, and everything over $18 will receive a full tax receipt. All donations will receive our sincere thanks and gratitude as you help us fulfill our mission to “Inspire Jewish Minds: Transform our Jewish Future.”

Every dollar makes a difference, and we really appreciate it!

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Thank you to our incredible actors:

Rob Altbaum, Eldad Ben Hamo, Allie Cuperfain, Meir Dick, Emily Goldstein, Sophie Gottesman, Adam Jesin, Jodi Katzeff, Isaac Klein, Steven Kraft, Rachel Landy, Jon Leibtag, Kyle Lichtman, Jaclyn Ludmer, Lina Nariski, Lilly Nolan, Marla Pilpel, Ben Rosen, Kelly Ross, Montana Skurka, Bryan Strasberg, Eden Suttner, Jesse Tepperman, Rafi Yablonsky

We also had an amazingly talented crew:

Script: Rabbi Rafi Lipner
Director / Producer: Zack Bernbaum
Cinematographer / Steadicam: James Poremba
1st Assistant Camera: Ann Tipper
Gaffer / Key Grip: Max Vlassenko
Location Sound: David Dunlap
Editor: James Poremba
Composer: Erica Procunier

The video was made possible through the generous support of Ezeqial Productions and Peartree Financial Services Ltd.