Adam Hummel: Reflections on Alan Dershowitz
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I last heard Alan Dershowitz in person as a student when the House hosted him in 2006. At the time, he spoke about the Middle East conflict, chances for peace, and the situation for Jewish students on campus. 11 years later, a lot has changed: I am older, have a family, a job, and a different outlook on this crazy world. However, some things never change, which is why when the House invited me to hear from Prof. Dershowitz again over breakfast on October 26, I jumped at the opportunity.

Though so much has changed in the last 11 years, little about Prof. Dershowitz has. He is sharp, poignant in his criticism, bold in his beliefs, passionate about his convictions, and his candor is unmatched. He knows the law, he’s involved in politics, and he even quotes Rashi and the Torah as an afterthought at the end of a 10-minute long answer.

The big takeaway from our special breakfast together: He urged us not to be silent in the face of adversity, and implored us not to let our children fall off a cliff of apathy with regards to their Zionism and their Judaism.

If this isn’t the type of messaging you’re getting at your breakfast then make sure you get yourself invited to the House’s next event!

As the Co-Chair of UJA’s newly launched Under 40 initiative – U40, sometimes the greatest challenge is to engage young Jewish community members with meaningful Jewish experiences. These experiences have the ability to shape our outlook, change the way we wish to raise own own children, and impact how we see ourselves shaping the community in the future. The House is a prime example of the sort of organization that does just this to an exceptional degree, and it is a privilege to see where The House has come from, and where is it going.

Adam Hummel is a lawyer at MS&K LLP practicing in all areas of Canadian immigration law with a focus on litigation. Adam is Immediate Past Chair of JEDx – The House’s marquee program and a participant of The House’s Gamechangers program for young leaders looking to develop their leadership skills through a Jewish lens. Adam is also dedicated to supporting a broad range of community organizations and initiatives and, among other roles, is Co-Chair of UJA Federation’s U40 Division, along with Yael Bogler.

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