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The House’s “Relationships Greatest Hits” List

It takes a while for couples to get a rhythm they’re comfortable with — especially one that’ll make them want to loop those feel-good high notes on replay for years to come. So we asked couples in serious, long-term relationships to tell us what this “relationship soundtrack” might look like; what helps them keep the […]

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Detox Your Phone

The set-up: You’re only on your phone for like, five seconds, to check your email… until you remember that it’s rude to leave your friend’s Facebook message unread for too long. Then it’s only one motivational quote, some photo album stalking, a few US political election articles (lots of angry emoji faces!!!!!!), several cat videos […]

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TRS “Keep the Beat” Contest

THE CONTEST It takes a while for couples to perfect a rhythm they’re comfy with. But once they get it? It’s hard to resist pressing replay on those high notes — the feel-good moments that flood your mind all day long! Which makes us curious: What would the soundtrack of a successful relationship actually look […]

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