12 Quirky Chanukiah Displays that will Amaze You
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The internet can be a pretty dark place (does Herschel and the Hanukkah Goblins provide insight on how to defeat internet trolls?).

Sure, we’re holding out for December 14th’s Illumin8 to explain exactly how every one of us possesses a unique “light” that can be harnessed to combat darkness.

But in the meantime, we couldn’t resist poking around the web for little cracks that let the happy holiday spirit in. And while they might not all be, strictly speaking, considered “kosher,” what we found was some of the most innovative Chanukiah displays out there which let users’ individual passions shine through!

A word of caution: your eyes might need a moment to adjust to the exceedingly bright use of creativity – because yeah, they’re that good.



1. Laser Beam Menorah

laser menorah_via mashable
Image by Ariel Shalit via Mashable

…Just don’t stare directly at it. This laser light show was projected onto a former landfill near Tel Aviv, turning old garbage into art, Hollywood-style! Pew! Pew pew pew!


2. Tiki Torch Menorah

tiki torch menorah, Hawaii_JewishKauai.org_chabad.org
Image via JewishKauai.org

Mahalo, Maccabees! This menorah perfectly reflects the personality of its Hawaiian island hosts.


3. Candle Crossway Menorah

montreal street art_by roadsworth  montreal street art_by roadsworth_nine candles
Image by Roadsworth via Roadsworth.com

A Montreal artist is re-purposing commonplace streets into more beautiful creations. Though it lacks a distinct “Shamash” (elevated “helper” or “servant”) candle, Roadsworth’s piece has a total of 9 candles – perfect for a Banksy-inspired take on the Jewish tradition.


4. Stacked Lights Chanukiyot

box menorah_measharim, israel_allaboutisrael.org
Image via AllAboutJerusalem.com

The Hareidi community in Mea Sharim, Israel stack boxes upon boxes of Chanukiahs on the streets for all to see. The belief is that if the menorah’s twinkling light is its source of glory, then you can never have too many!


5. Commemorative Menorah

pogrom, kielce poland_sztetl.org.po
Image via Sztetl.org.po

We know this isn’t for Chanukah, per se, but it was hard to ignore the evocative beauty behind this pogrom memorial piece in Kielce, Poland.


6. Ice Sculpture Menorah

ice sculpture menorah_courtesy, passionforice.co.uk
Image via Passionforice.co.uk

Ice, ice baby. This is, by far, the coolest Chanukiah we’ve got on the list.


7. Mmm… Donut Menorah

dognut Menorah_JewishNews.net.au_via chabad.org
Image via Chabad.org and JewishNews.net.au

Let’s get straight to what’s really important, here: the food. These Jews took their oil-based treats seriously with a Chanukiah made of sufganiyot.


8. Feeling Charitable Menorah

food drive2,4th graders, illinois_chabad.org
Image via Chabad.org

Speaking of food, this community of good-doers got to the root of holiday giving with a Chanukiah made from cans for their holiday food drive. Kol hakavod!


9. Geek Out Menorah

LED electronic board menorah kit_via evilmadscientist.com
Image via Evilmadscientist.com

An LED electronic board menorah kit for the self-proclaimed science nerd in your family should make this winter’s gift-giving as easy as binary. Binary solo! 0000001 00000011 000000111 00001111…


10. Surf’s Up Menorah

Surf Board Menorah, Bondi Beach, Sydney_courtesy of Chabad.org
Image via Chabad.org

Duuuuuuuuude. The residents of Sydney, Australia ride out the holiday wave with this Chanukiah made from surfboards.


11. Forklift Menorah

truck menorah, tel aviv power station_cntraveler.com
Image via cntraveler.com

Winter getting you down? This menorah made of trucks courtesy of the Tel Aviv power station should give your spirits a lift.


12. Lego Menorah

lego menorah_via washington post
Image via Washingtonpost.com

Give yourself a big ol’ hug, because you can finally embrace your inner child! The members of Ohev Sholom Synagogue in Washington built their own Chanukiah out of childhood dreams.


Neat, huh? Now spread the Chanukah light and share this post with all your unique friends!


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