My Story, Our House – Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Initiative

My Story, Our Hosue

Welcome to our “My Story, Our House” young professionals campaign!

Goal: To collectively raise over $18,000, to support The House’s 2014/2015  young leadership programs.

These programs include holiday events, JEDx, Shabbat Dinners, Challahpalloza, and more. We believe that those who have been inspired and impacted by The House are in a position to help raise funds to assist others to benefit from the same experience. What better way for The House to celebrate its 10th anniversary milestone than by having our young leaders take the lead in helping support and empower the next generation of young Jewish adults!

This bold initiative, “My Story, Our House,” is asking that you tell your story of how The House has impacted your life. By sharing your personal connection to The House with family and friends, you will enable us to create and inspire new stories for generations to come.

Hope you will join us  and looking forward to not only achieving, but surpassing our goal together!


Samara Bell & Jonathon Leibtag

Campaign Co-Chairs

The following individuals have joined our “My Story, Our House” campaign in support of the vital work done by The House, and because of the personal connection to and impact from The House!

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