Mother’s Day – The Jewish Way
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As I walked through Yorkdale the other night I was struck by the amount of signs reminding me to buy a gift for my mother for this Sunday May 11. I have never been comfortable with the idea that we should only celebrate our moms on Mother’s Day. Like many families, my family does not wait for one day a year to honour my mother. Therefore, I found that this article by Rabbi Borouch Leff provides a valuable way to reconcile the idea of thanking our mothers on Mother’s Day, while still expressing our gratitude to them everyday. Happy Mother’s Day!

Excerpt from the article…

If your mother is anything like mine, she probably told you weeks ago not to get her anything for Mother’s Day. “Since when did Mother’s Day become a Jewish holiday? Don’t bother yourself over me.”

Of course we know to ignore such self-defacing comments. But she may have a point. Isn’t every day supposed to be Mother’s Day? The Torah tells us to honor and revere our mothers at all times. So why go out of your way to show her your gratitude on Mother’s Day?

How can we benefit from using Mother’s Day?

By treating it like a pseudo-Jewish holiday…Click here to read more